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Homemade Label Required for French Restaurants
17th Aug 13
A new law in France requires restaurants to specify on the menu what is 'homemade', when the dish is produced from raw ingredients on site.

The law is aimed to help consumers distinguish the 'real' produce from an, often mixed, choice of food on the menu.
However the law is being met with mixed opinions from restaurant owners.

French ministers fought hard to make this ruling an obligation and not just an option for eateries in France, which has now passed under the latest consumption bill.

All eateries are now required to specify on their menu which food dishes have been 'fait maison' (made in house).

Some restaurant owners, who obviously work hard to produce a menu 100% homemade, think the law could have been even more demanding where establishments should have the 'restaurant' retracted from their name if they served anything but homemade produce.

Whereas some restaurants, those at the cheaper end of the scale, see the law as being unhelpful; for instance a quality industrial product could well be tastier than a badly concocted homemade dish, they may have a harder sell on their hands for the non-homemade dish.

In some cases restaurants may choose to remove dishes completely from the menu, as certain dishes will be impossible to prepare in Alpine resorts without using frozen produce.
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